Download WinZip 19.5 and Open Zip Files Easily

Download WinZip 19.5 and Open Zip Files Easily

Open Zip Files Easily with WinZip 19.5 Software. WinZip software will now make it easier and faster for people to encrypt zip files, share zip files, create zip files and open zip files. WinZip 19.5 delivers extended enterprise support, faster file compression technology, significant new file sharing functionality and a streamlined design. Get WinZip 19.5 today to keep your digital world safe and conserve time and space.

Attention Registered Users

WinZip 19.5 is a free upgrade for customers who are having Software Maintenance plan or a legitimate Upgrade Assurance. However, you don’t have to worry, if you don’t have maintenance. When upgrading to WinZip 19.5, from the previous version of Win Zip, you will save 50 percent off the normal list price.

Upgrade FREE if you have a Software Maintenance plan or valid Upgrade Assurance: All you need to do is to simply download WinZip 19.5 immediately, install it and enter your new registration code, if you are covered.

Don’t have maintenance?

Registered users of earlier versions of WinZip – WinZip 18.5 or earlier are qualified to upgrade to the innovative WinZip 19.5 at 50 percent off new license prices.

WinZip 19.5 is the #1 zip utility in the world that manages, protects, shares and zips files anywhere.

WinZip 19.5

  • Zip and unzip folders and files instantaneously
  • Manage cloud and local files in the new interface
  • Connect and share with ZipShare on the go
  • Share directly to IM, social media and cloud
  • Resize photos, add watermarks and convert to PDF

You can unzip just anything with WinZip 19.5 in addition to extracting content from the widest selection of compressed file types of the industry, such as XZ, VHD/VDMK, LHA/LZH, BZ2, 7Zip, RAR, Zipx, Zip and lots more. WinZip auto-wipes all temporarily extracted copies to guide against misuse, when extracting encrypted files.

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