Download WinZip for Android

Download WinZip for Android

The WinZip software for Android gives you the opportunity to Zip and Unzip files very quickly. It even includes some extra features that assist you to get into your documents pretty easily. This software might even be better that the desktop zipping software that you are used with, although you won’t be impressed with its looks.

Despite the fact that you might not be having any zipping software in your mobile phone at the current juncture, the WinZip software will handle all your ZIP files pretty well. With it, you will zip and unzip files in few seconds despite the sizes of the folders. You will also be able to work on files that are already encrypted.

The software has got a list of menu that makes the process of finding things easy and awesome. This implies that is has sacrificed style to offer you with substance. As opposed to the desktop version, the WinZip for Android app doesn’t require you to make monthly subscriptions and renewals. After unzipping the folder of your choice, you will be able to vie its content right from the WinZip software.

The app has got an in-built Office documents viewer. Although, this viewer doesn’t give you editing features apart from the reading and viewing features. Therefore, you will only be able to view the files and documents but won’t be able to edit them. Remember that even some dedicated Office Suites will not promise you some editing features.

Download WinZip Apk for Android